Published On: 25/06/2005|Categories: 2003–2007, Vol.26 (2), Vol.26 (2005)|

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The CODE Theory of Visual Attention (CTVA) is a mathematical model explaining the effects of grouping by proximity and distance upon reaction times and accuracy of response with regard to elements in the visual display. The predictions of the theory agree quite acceptably in one and two dimensions (CTVA-2D) with the experimental results (reaction times and accuracy of response). The difference between reaction-times for the compatible and incompatible responses, known as the responsecompatibility effect, is also acceptably predicted, except at small distances and high number of distractors. Further results using the same paradigm at even smaller distances have been now obtained, showing greater discrepancies. Then, we have introduced a method to evaluate the strength of sensory evidence (eta parameter), which takes grouping by similarity into account and minimizes these discrepancies.

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