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Published On: 17/12/2023|Categories: 2023-2027, 25th Anniversary Special Issue, Vol.44 (2), Vol.44 (2023)|
Cite as: Moreno-Fernández, M. M., Blanco, F., & Matute, H. (2022). Recent advances in the study of the illusion of causality: theory, methods, and practical implications. Psicologica, 44(2), e15705

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Learning causal relations provides the knowledge that allows us to make accurate predictions. Some of these predictions may have a high value for survival, and some of them provide us with a body of knowledge that maximize context adaptation. This is why researchers have tried to understand how people make causal inferences and learn about the causal structures in their environment. In this article, we will outline some of the most recent advances in the understanding of causal learning, and specifically of the biases that often appear in decision-making.

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