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Published On: 17/02/2024|Categories: 2023-2027, Vol.45 (1), Vol.45 (2024)|
Cite as: González-Martín, A.M, Marín-Gutiérrez, A., Abrahamse, E. (2024). Self-referential processing probes cognitive control: A replication of Dignath et al. (2023) in a Spanish cohort. Psicologica, 45(1): e16107

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Recently, a study by Dignath et al. (2023) reported on the intriguing finding that cognitive control is enhanced by information that primes self-referential processing. Here, we present an independently performed, constructive replication as a first step towards building a cumulative body of support for this finding. Specifically, we replicated their reduced Stroop effect for color-words that are presented together with the possessive pronoun ‘my’, as compared to color-words presented together with a definite or indefinite article. We did so in a Spanish cohort (generalizing from the German cohort in the original study), and while implementing several (theoretically irrelevant) changes to the design in order to showcase that this type of finding is not due to idiosyncratic features of the design.

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