Published On: 21/06/2000|Categories: 1998–2002, Vol.21 (2), Vol.21 (2000)|

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This study examined solution strategies and gender differences in a Spatial Visualization (Vz) task. Two kinds of strategies, analytic and holistic or spatial manipulation, were operationalized by a self-report questionnaire and three time based variables obtained in a comp uterized form board task, the R-E. The variables were: time of initial encoding of the target stimulus, duration of processes that follow the first encoding, including visual comparisons and mental movements, and total time for each item. Seventyfive women and 77 men completed Vz tests, the R-E and the self-report measure. Neither level of Vz in marker tests nor gender were associated with strategy choice. Key words: Gender Differences, Spatial Ability, Visualization, Solution Strategy, Reaction Time.

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