Published On: 26/01/2011|Categories: 2008–2012, Vol.32 (1), Vol.32 (2011)|

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The general aim of the present study is to assess the potential usefulness of the normative Forced Choice (FC) format for reducing the impact of acquiescent responding (AR). To this end it makes two types of contributions: methodological and substantive. Methodologically, it proposes a model-based procedure, derived from a basic response mechanism, for assessing the impact of AR. Substantively, it applies the procedure in three large datasets, which use well-known normative FC personality questionnaires: Rotter’s Locus of Control Scale, the Sensation Seeking Scale (form V), and Vando’s Reducer-Augmenter Scale. The results suggest that the impact of AR is minimal except for the Locus of Control Scale, so FC-based questionnaires are a good alternative for controlling acquiescence. The different results obtained with the LOC Scale might be explained for some particularities of this scale which are discussed in the paper.

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