Published On: 27/10/2014|Categories: 2013–2017, Vol.35 (2014), Vol.35 (3)|

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The impacts of skin tone and shape of face on judgment of beauty regarding female faces were assessed and compared. Sixty adolescents and 60 adults living in Maputo, Mozambique or in Toulouse, France were presented with a set of faces, one at a time, and instructed to rate their attractiveness (in terms of beauty) along a continuous scale. Skin tone contributed to judgments of beauty but its contribution was much weaker than the contribution of the shape of the faces: It explained about 5% of the variance as compared with 85% for shape of faces. The Shape x Tone interaction was not significant; that is, both factors simply added their effect during the judgment process. The Country x Tone interaction was not significant: The impact of skin tone on judgment was similar among Mozambicans and among the French.

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