Published On: 27/06/2017|Categories: 2013–2017, Vol.38 (2), Vol.38 (2017)|

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The Psychometric Toolbox (PT) is a user-friendly, non-commercial package mainly intended to be used for instructional purposes in introductory courses of educational and psychological measurement, psychometrics and statistics. The PT package is organized in six separate modules or sub-programs: Data preprocessor (descriptive analyses and data transformations); Guttman scaling (item analysis and individual scoring based on Guttman’s model); Classical Item Analysis (CTT-based item analysis and reliability estimation); Item Factor Analysis (FA-Based Item Analysis and omega reliability estimation); Scoring and Norming (linear and nonlinear score transformations and normative tables); and Item Response Theory-Basic analysis (item calibration and test scoring based on the one and two parameter logistic models). Because they have been designed for instructional use, these modules are intended to (a) be very easy to use, (b) provide clear and well explained results, and (c) make use of graphical displays whenever possible.

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