Published On: 26/01/2011|Categories: 2008–2012, Vol.32 (1), Vol.32 (2011)|

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This work explores the effect of spatial cueing on number processing. Participants performed a parity judgment task. However, shortly before the target number, a cue (arrow pointing to left, arrow pointing to right or a cross) was centrally presented. In Experiment 1, in which responses were lateralized, the cue direction modulated the interaction between response side and numerical size. In Experiment 2, there was a single response key, and in one block participants responded only to odd numbers and in the other block they responded only to even numbers. The results showed an association between symbolic spatial cues and numbers (i.e., small/left and large/right). We interpreted the joint results as indication of an early activation of spatial representation of numerical values produced independently of type of response requirements.

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