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Published On: 03/07/2023|Categories: 2023-2027, Vol.44 (2), Vol.44 (2023)|
Cite as: Álvarez, M., Zaldivar, T., García-Morales, L., Pérez, M., Zayas, M., Coromina, J., Pita, M., Contreras, M.J., & Manzanero, A. (2023). Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) polymorphisms and memory in healthy adults with university education. Psicologica, 44(2), e15431

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The polymorphisms (C270T) and Val66Met of the BDNF gene are related to diverse cognitive processes in neurological and psychiatric conditions. But little is known about its relations with cognitive processes in healthy people. The present study explored the relationship of the C270T and Val66Met polymorphisms with implicit memory (semantic and perceptual priming tasks), semantic explicit memory (lexical access), and episodic explicit memory (free recall). In total, 135 healthy volunteers between 20 and 60 years of age (M = 27.94, SD = 11.04), 92 women (M = 27.36, SD = 11.32), and 42 men (M = 29.21, SD = 10.42), participated in the study. One hundred and three of them completed the genetic study of C270T (36 males and 67 females), and 123 completed the Val66Met (38 males and 85 females). Results regarding ValMet polymorphism showed lower scores for MetMet in free recall. In relation to C270T, TT polymorphism performed better in the visual priming task than in CT. The potential value as biomarkers of memory of these polymorphisms is discussed.

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